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Whether you require massage for general wellness or a specific therapeutic reason, HRM can help. Every massage is tailored to your individual needs to achieve maximum benefits for you.

Every expectant and new mother requires a special kind of attention in caring for her body. If you are expecting or have recently delivered, specialized massage can help ease the road into and out of childbirth.



Think about adding something extra special to your massage to create an even more relaxing or therapeutic session of bodywork! Extras to add: 

  • cupping for deep muscle therapy

  • aromatherapy for deep relaxation

Articles about Massage and Bodywork

Stressed dealing with COVID-19? Can't get bodywork and missing human contact?

This is an article I found interesting that might help!


Things to consider if you are or someone you are close to, is pregnant. There are many valuable aspects to massage for this incredibly special time in life!

Fern leaf

An A-Z article on the history and benefits of cupping therapy, along with anything else you might want to know!

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