After close to a decade in the medical field, I made the organic transition into massage and graduated Wellness Massage Center & Institute, St. Albans, VT in 2010. After an accident as a teenager left me with a great deal of healing to do, I was thankfully introduced to massage. Having been helped to recover through massage therapy, I now practice with hopefulness that I can assist others in their personal health journeys.

My technique is simple: Do whatever will help the client to recover. During massage school I learned modalities such as Swedish, deep tissue, Shiatsu, and PNF stretching. After school I have taken many continuing education courses, such as Thai massage, Craniosacral Therapy, and Anatomy Trains.  Bearing the goal to assist all my clients to improve their health in mind, I integrate all of the appropriate modalities in each massage - ensuring to reach our goals as quickly and effectively as possible.

In my free time my husband and I love going to the beach, running, sailing, throwing pottery, camping, hiking, wine tasting, brewing beer, making sushi, snowboarding, and traveling. Knot&Clutch is my accessories business, and am happy to offer select items for sale at my office! I am fluent in American Sign Language, and my husband and I are active volunteers in the deaf community.  We are excited for the new adventures which await us in San Luis Obispo!


Whether you require massage for general wellness or a specific therapeutic reason, HRM can help. Every massage is tailored to your individual needs to achieve maximum benefits for you.

Every expectant and new mother requires a special kind of attention in caring for her body. If you are expecting or have recently delivered, specialized massage can help ease the road into and out of childbirth.



Think about adding something extra special to your massage to create an even more relaxing or therapeutic session of bodywork! Extras to add: 

  • cupping for deep muscle therapy

  • aromatherapy for deep relaxation

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