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If you're here, it's probably because you're looking for help of one kind or another. I have practiced my craft the past 11 years with the goal to solving problems for and with my clients. Over the years I have been helped to learn a lot. The bodywork I've learned throughout my career, and life lessons I've been taught in recent years - as well as all the help I received along the way - has really shaped what my practice has become today!


Someone long familiar with HRM might notice some significant changes in 2021. I have streamlined my practice and simplified how I work to make and keep things as efficient as possible. You will find more focused forms of bodywork modalities, and standardized fee and booking schedules. Just rolled out is a new, simplified booking system, based here on my website!

As a practitioner, I am empathetic toward clients working through trauma and recovery, and have a personal affinity for helping clients to better their overall health and body function - with the goal of keep them in the activities they love, without pain! 

With the goal to assist all my clients to improve their health in mind, I integrate all of the appropriate modalities in each bodywork session - ensuring to reach our goals as quickly and effectively as possible. As part of this goal, training the client to take their care into their own hands at home is of paramount importance to me, which is what motivated me to take the leap to become a Certified Personal Trainer, and establish Functional Movement Therapy into my work! This is training for my clients has been on helping clients with their functional fitness - their deep core stabilization and strength - to learn how to change the patterns, weaknesses, and/or restrictions that are keeping them in a state of chronic pain or just to get them into a state of better, stronger health! It gives clients the power and ability to bring their wellness to a new level.

My greatest joy comes from working with people who might be in pain or experiencing weakness but who at heart are resilient and determined and want to find a way to feel better, be healthier, and get stronger! Where there is life and mobility, here is always room for improvement, no matter what our personal circumstances or the obstacles which stand in our way to be overcome. I love working with clients who are willing to work hard, want to make improvements for themselves, and are happy to accept help in doing that! A positive and motivated attitude are the greatest allies to healing and progress, and tools every client can bring that I can use and I am happy to work with anyone looking for help to solve some problems or just get stronger and healthier!

Do you need help to improve your health? I can't wait to work with you!

Stay grounded. 🌿  Be well.     

Whether you require massage for general wellness or a specific therapeutic reason, HRM can help. Every massage is tailored to your individual needs to achieve maximum benefits for you.

Every expectant and new mother requires a special kind of attention in caring for her body. If you are expecting or have recently delivered, specialized massage can help ease the road into and out of childbirth.



Think about adding something extra special to your massage to create an even more relaxing or therapeutic session of bodywork! Extras to add: 

  • cupping for deep muscle therapy

  • aromatherapy for deep relaxation

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