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KNOT&CLUTCH Copper Masks

KNOT&CLUTCH was a business I began years ago to produce and sell handmade goods. You may have noticed some of these goodies around the office, a neck tie or clutch here or there...

Well, with the start of the coronavirus and the indefinite end to my massage practice, I decided to use my sewing abilities to make masks! Not just masks, though... as with everything I do , I wanted them to be the best, safest product I could produce! In my research and discussions with the many smart people in my life, I found a way to make a mask that could potentially be much safer than the average homemade mask... I found COPPER material. 

To read about the benefits of COPPER and this particular material, read the article below:


Knot&Clutch masks are not medically certified, and any claims made are only based on evidence sited in the above reference and are not certifications or claims made for disease prevention.

These masks have sold out quickly, and I am not able to keep up with the demand for direct orders. If you are interested in purchasing masks, please visit my Etsy page to see if there are any up for sale. What I have available will be posted there.

Thank you for your support! It is my hope all of you continue to be well!

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