• Ashley Bercovici

FOCUS 2021 - Part 1 : Simplify

Updated: 2 days ago

I have deemed 2021 as a special year for FOCUS. We're nearly 1/2 way through the year, and I've been working especially hard to find some ways to simplify life and work so as to land my blows instead of striking the air.

I started the year trying to figure out what would add a little helpful luster to my business, and stay connected with clients and friends though being closed and apart due to COVID, through my website and social media. I also worked hard to form some brand partnerships and even got some content copywriting help.

From these efforts I learned this way of connecting weren't a good fit for me, or Healthy Roots, and I actually lost focus of my initial goals. I got stuck in the social media vacuum.

I have closed my HRM Instagram and Facebook.

My energies to stay connected and keep you informed of changes will be focused here - my website! Everything I post will be meaningful to me and hopefully helpful to you. When there are HRM updates, news, or little health nuggets to share - they'll be here!

Be well. Live Simply. Stay grounded. 🌿

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