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FOCUS 2021 - Part 2 : Strategize

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Fix You. Beyond being a favorite song I never listen to, the idealistic notion of “fixing” people was one I have always worked by. While it is admirable to want to fix one another, it’s immodest and impossible. I want to fix everyone! But sadly, I can’t. Really, there is no circumstance where someone is truly able to fix another, and all too often we struggle to fix even ourselves.

The world around us bombards us with constant background noise and overwhelming stimulation. Focusing helps us figure out what things are actually in our power to do, change, affect.... We are presented daily with so many different problems and situations that we might feel we need to do something about, to fix, or help someone else to fix. It becomes a struggle to figure out which of things are actually within our power and responsibility to try and correct, and most often - of all the things we are confronted with daily - they are relatively few.

The thing is though, all of that stuff that's not in your power to change, it will be ok; it will figure itself out; you can't fix it.

A plagiarized a quote by a friend who explains how they manage

their thoughts when dealing with addiction within the family:

We didn't cause it.

We can't control it.

We can't cure it.

What does any of this have to do with Healthy Roots? Well, HRM has been slowly evolving over the years, but this year I have taken all the years of schooling in bodywork I’ve received, my motivation and drive to help people “fix” themselves, and my year’s “FOCUS” mantra to come up with a plan.

HRM is simplifying, and strategizing.

There will be 3 main components of therapeutic bodywork and coaching at Healthy Roots:

  1. Traditional body and fascial work

  2. Vacuum-therapy

  3. Foundational movement therapy

Wondering what all this means? for you and for HRM? Part 3 : Strengthen will explain...

It might sound confusing, or like a lot of change, but really, HRM has never been so simple. The goal is : get you to your best you, and put the power of your own health back in your hands.

Be well. Stay grounded. 🌿

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