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FOCUS 2021 - Part 3 : Strengthen

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Focus, n: the center of interest or activity; the state or quality of having or producing clear visual definition.

v: (of a person) adapt to the prevailing level of light and become able to see clearly; pay particular attention to.

June 2021 means a new focus for me, and new focus for Healthy Roots!

If... your eye is simple, your whole body will be bright;

I have made some personal changes in life in order to focus on different goals and those require more focus and simplifications at work!

HRM is simplifying, strategizing, and strengthening.

There will be 3 main components of therapeutic bodywork and coaching at Healthy Roots:

  1. Traditional body and fascial work

  2. Vacuum-therapy

  3. Foundational movement therapy

What do these mean?

(1) Traditional body and fascia work : Not much will change on this front, you can still expect to receive the same kind of bodywork you have in the past. One significant change is, deep fascial and structural work will be done with with more focus on vacuum-therapy (medicupping) instead of manual work.

(2) What is vacuum-therapy or medicupping? Some clients have received fire cupping treatments from me in the past, however, now vacuum therapy will be administered using a vacuum machine that creates very controllable results that are difficult or impossible to achieve with fire cupping.

*There will definitely be a soon-to-come article on the details of medicupping and it’s use!*

(3) FMT - HRM’s way of improving your pain, health, and life everyday. It is the self-care, self-empowering component that is really going to change your health!

Bodywork alone, anywhere from an hour to 6-hours per month, I can only do so much. You need so much more, and really, so much more is in your grasp to regain range of motion, diminished pain, strength gains, movement stability.... the list is endless!

What are your goals!? With FMT, we can achieve them!

With these three focuses, I will be able to hone my craft with the purpose of being able to help clients move out of pain. These foci are also client-motivated; the more a client wants to put into their treatments, the more they will get out! Whether you want just an hour a month to relax, or to break up and remove decades-long scar tissue and restore range of motion - we can do that!

So what are your goals? When are you ready to get started?!

Be well. Stay grounded. 🌿

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