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#LessonLearned No.1 : Failure Ain't Always Bad

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December hasn’t gone exactly to plan. But that’s ok because lesson No.1 of #LessonsLearned2020 is failure ain’t all bad.

If we never failed, it’d mean we weren’t trying to do new things, things we haven’t done yet. If we were successful at everything we tried, the first time, then we wouldn't be challenging ourselves, and maybe not growing.

How many people can do great things the very first time they try? without learning, practice, mistakes? How many attempts did it take to summit Mt. Everest, or circumnavigate the globe? How many attempts does it take an athlete to break a record? Were/are any of those goals worth giving up after the first failed attempt?

Failure at something doesn’t mean we can’t EVER do it, it means we can’t do it YET. So we work hard, perhaps even struggle, to learn, grow, strengthen, adapt... until, through a series of smaller steps, or through practice - we can do it!! Achievement from something strived for is sweet!

A safe place to fail also makes training and growth a lot easier and more effective. I think this is one of the hardest new things I’ve learned this year. Having someone be able to take and keep your goals in mind and guide you through learning what you need to while supporting, encouraging, and reinforcing your progress is an amazing thing. For many of us, failure at things in life, though a fact, has never been an option for us. Sadly, all we likely needed was a safe place to go through the process, which would have taught us - and has taught me - it’s sometimes really ok to not be able to do something right away. Though embarrassing, disappointing, and perhaps time consuming, figuring out HOW to make something possible that was not otherwise, is a necessary life lesson! It teaches you how to work hard, be tenacious, and be flexible with yourself and others (Lesson #2 :).

The second photo is part of my deadlift progression. My first training day at the gym I couldn’t do squat. No, literally, I couldn’t squat correctly because of glute weakness. It was disappointing to have to start at the very fundamentals and take weeks of practice and training, only to think I had it right but realize, nope, not yet.

In the third photo I am in a hex bar, that although comparable to riding a bike with training wheels, I was able to execute it perfectly - which is my personal goal with all of my lifts and workout executions. Ultimate goal accomplished? No, but getting that far felt good, and I felt safe through the entire process of thinking I could do something that I could not, practicing, being guided and supported, working hard, STILL not having it, getting more reinforcement, then being able to accomplish a little more, and still a little more... until finally I WILL be able to reach my ultimate goal.

What are your goals? things you haven't accomplished yet and maybe haven't even tried? Where is your safe place to help you get there?

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