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#LessonsLearned No. 3 & 4 : Patience & Appreciation


Raise your hand if you’re bad at being patient. I’ve got both of mine up. One thing I did learn this year is, even if you’re working hard and feel like you don’t see tangible results... just wait a sec... change is happening beneath the surface, if imperceptibly.

We’re an instant-gratification society, and usually expect anything that takes a lot of effort to pay off quickly. This happens less often than not. Anything you find worth putting effort into, working hard at, build an equal amount of patience in seeing the results in! Nothing is more discouraging than thinking our efforts are being wasted, BUT, change IS happening! It just may take time to SEE.

Be patient. Don’t give up. Breathe...


For years I have been trying to teach my clients appreciation, but it was a skill I had not adequately learned myself. This is the most exciting lesson I have (started to) learned this year!

Genuine appreciation can find something positive in even the worst of circumstances; it can make the destitute hopeful, and the impossible plausible.

Appreciation is one of my foremost allies in bodywork. It is all too easy to allow disappointment and frustration to stunt progress in health and fitness goals. It is normal to find grief in loss of function, whether due to age, illness, injury, or incident. If left unchecked, however, that grief over a loss can inhibit further growth, health, and repair that can be made. With appreciation for what is left - whatever strength, mobility, ability, vitality there is - one is better equipped to make improvement, as far as is possible!

Appreciation helps us think positively, and positivity helps us strive for our goals. Reaching goals is progress. Progress is better health.

This year, I learned you can find something positive to be appreciative for in nearly anything. The more positive things you find the easier to be content in life. The more content we are, the happier we are. Appreciation feeds better relationships and better self image. Appreciation feeds harmony.

So in 2021 let’s dig deep, and appreciate everything we can!

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