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Healthy Roots has MOVED!

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Healthy Roots Massage is specialized in therapeutic bodywork, meaning your massage is not just for deep relaxation, it's to improve your health! While I never advise a painful or uncomfortable massage as the way to gain more effective results, I DO believe you should feel the positive effects after your massage. Those positive effects are what I strive to get out of every session!

Schedule an appointment so you can feel the difference for yourself.

Within the body, accumulated stagnant lymph, blood, and debris can be fund. This stagnation is located in muscles, in the skin layers, and in the connective tissue, and is caused by inflammation leading to the dehydration of tissue - which the lymphatic system is then unable to eliminate. It may also be caused by micro-tears in compromised soft tissue, old injuries or surgeries, and prolonged immobilization. 

Interestingly, cellulite is often stagnant lymph and debris built up from an accumulation of medicines, inhaled contaminants, and other cellular wastes. 

Cupping works by using the heat from vascular dilation to soften the stagnation, which can then be moved through the intermediate lymphatic pathways to be processed and eliminated. It also helps to eliminate deep chronic inflammation, easing a major cause of dehydration and stagnation. Vacuum dredging of the muscle tissues and organs allows for blood supply and nutrition to reach the cells, and old wastes to be purged.

Medicupping is a comfortable and effective way to remove debris from sites of strain, sprain or surgeries to facilitate full range of motion, a valuable tool for detoxification protocols, and successful addition to assist those who are losing weight. It is also a​ great adjunct therapy for pre- and post- surgical applications such as spider /varicose vein surgery, liposuction, bariatric surgery, and numerous plastic surgery procedures.

Foundational Movement Therapy (FMT) is a specialized program which includes lifestyle corrections, fascial release techniques, and intrinsic strengthening and stabilizing. 

Our lives - especially through COVID - have changed how we move, and in many cases now, how we don't move. Decreased movement, increased stress, and aging all play significant roles in the strength and efficiency of our bodies. Many suffer from the loss of intrinsic strength and stabilization, which is at the core of all our movement. When these stabilizers are weak, we are at a much greater risk for injuries while involved in any kind of increased activity and even benign movement - like lifting grocery bags out of the car. As a client ages with this loss of strength and stabilization, the risk of falls and fractures is much higher. 

Moving should not hurt. Nor should normal daily activities. FMT helps clients to gain strength and stability to live their lives without pain, and to engage in the activities they love without suffering for it or becoming injured! Whether a client is elderly and would like to move around with more stability and ease, is healthy and middle-aged but noticing their strength decreasing and pain increasing and would like to feel fit and strong, or an athlete looking to put an edge onto their game - FMT can help!

HRM Wellness Bodywork is an hour of more gentle gentle bodywork. A client's specific complaints will always be addressed, but as part of an overall wellness treatment of the entire body. Instead of rushing through our bodywork session to correct specific complaints as well as relax the rest of the body, I will take this opportunity to treat the body as a whole, covering everything effectively and kindly.

If a Medicupping session is chosen, site- or injury-specific work will be addressed, and treatment will be based on curative protocol rather than full-body wellness. 

A 60-minute FMT session may be appropriate for new or existing clients to cover their consultation and/or entire fitness regime. Some minimal bodywork may be incorporated as well into this session.

HRM's therapeutic bodywork is specifically tuned to your body and needs. Every client's therapeutic massage is different, as it the massage from session to session. The goal of each session is to assess the body's injuries and corrective needs, then to make progress each time in resolving the issues. This work is generally deeper and more specific than a Wellness session, while still achieving the goal to always provide a comfortable and rejuvenating bodywork experience. A combination of traditional bodywork massage as well as Medicupping may be incorporated into a 90-minute session, and will be more extensive in the areas and problems addressed. 

A 90-minute session may also be used for FMT consultation and instruction, as well as incorporating bodywork into the appointment as needed. For example, a FMT client may receive 30-45 minutes of fitness instruction, then the remaining 45min - 1 hour of bodywork to release fascial restrictions and adhesions, or Medicupping to move inflammation or ease overactive muscles. 

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