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HRM News:

Thank you...

As many already know, I had an unexpected family emergency and death to deal with these past 5-6 months. Due to this, my schedule has been erratic and unpredictable, with many last-minute cancellations and closures for weeks at a time. 

I want to express my my deepest gratitude for all of my clients who have shown so much patience and kindness with me and my situation. 

Things are returning to "normal," though there will still be some necessary travel and closures on the horizon... which will be updated here and marked off my booking calendar as soon as possible.


Please know you can book with confidence! I'm back and here for you! 

Succulent Leaves

HRM Upcoming Closures :

August 15 - September 3

January 19 - 26, 2024


No correspondence will be possible during these weeks,

please schedule online.

Why reduced scheduling?

As many of you already know, in addition to owning and operating Healthy Roots, I keep busy in different aspects of volunteer work. Recently, those aspects have required more and more of my time and attention, and it has become necessary to cut back on my bodywork practice to focus on these.

As a way of keeping the practice open and continuing to see my beloved regulars, I have decided to reduce and consolidate my physical space and schedule. Time will tell the future for HRM, but for now, we're making things work as comfortably and efficiently as possible!

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